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Ilan Amit – 23 years of working together
By Assi Ben-Porat.
Our work together began on the 3rd of March 1990, about seven or eight years after Ilan went blind. He was 55 years old when he began to study Tai Chi; the movements of which he was only slightly familiar with and had never seen. This was quite a challenge for both student and teacher, a challenge that continued for over 23 years. In retrospect, I think that neither Ilan nor I expected that our work together would continue over so many years.
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Tai Chi in the Dark
By Illy Berr. Alternative-Life magazine June 2007.
For 17 years they have been meeting once a week for a lesson in the art of Tai Chi Chuan. The teacher Assi Ben-Porat has already managed to teach Ilan Amit a wide range of exercises including Chi Kung, Tai Chi Form, Sword form, partner work (Joining Hands) and more. The fact that Amit is blind they forgot long ago. In a joint interview they told me about the mutual learning process they went through, about the love of movement and about freedom within limitations.
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March 1990 - February 2013
23 years of working together 
Assi Ben-Porat and the late Dr. Ilan Amit (1935 - 2013)

Wu Chi to play guitar blind student Dr.Ilan Amit

High pat on horse Blind student Dr.Ilan Amit

Sword form Blind student Dr.Ilan Amit

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