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Tai Chi in the Dark
By Illy Berr. Alternative-Life magazine June 2007.
For 17 years they have been meeting once a week for a lesson in the art of Tai Chi Chuan. The teacher Assi Ben-Porat has already managed to teach Ilan Amit a wide range of exercises including Chi Kung, Tai Chi Form, Sword form, partner work (Joining Hands) and more. The fact that Amit is blind they forgot long ago. In a joint interview they told me about the mutual learning process they went through, about the love of movement and about freedom within limitations.
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March 1990 - February 2013
23 years of working together 
Assi Ben-Porat and the late Dr. Ilan Amit (1935 - 2013)

Wu Chi to play guitar blind student Dr.Ilan Amit

High pat on horse Blind student Dr.Ilan Amit

Sword form Blind student Dr.Ilan Amit

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